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What do we do?

We've created a Twitter market research tool called Tribalytic to help Australian Businesses filter the noise and measure audience engagement and ROI on Twitter.

How can we help?

Are you after more than simply measuring that you had more tweets today than yesterday?

Do you want to focus on the conversations that matter and ignore those that don't?

Do you really know how successful you were, or do you just know you had 300 tweets?

Do you need to know a true share of voice that's more than just a comparison to other keywords?

When is your audience more active throughout the day?

Tribalytic helps you make sense of the noise and answers these type of questions.

Need more than a tool?

With our expertise in mining and analysing social data and strong partnerships with market researchers, we can deliver custom analysis for a wide range of bespoke needs. Contact us or phone with a brief description of the challenge and we'll be in touch. Alternatively, learn more by: